Sihk – Produser Di Balik Kesuksesan Rich Chigga

Tidak bisa dipungkiri bahwa, di era kini, rapper-rapper baru yang berasal dari generasi milenial semakin marak bermunculan. Tetapi tentu saja, kesuksesan seorang rapper tidak akan bisa dicapai tanpa dukungan dari beberapa hal penting lainnya, salah satunya adalah produser yang berkualitas.

Sebut saja Rich Chigga (Brian Imanuel) dan Ariel Nayaka. Dua rapper yang sedang marak diperbincangkan di masyarakat sekarang ini memiliki salah satu kesamaan, yaitu pernah bekerja dengan produser yang sama dalam penggarapan lagunya. Ricky, atau yang lebih dikenal dengan Sihk adalah sosok produser yang mulai dikenal khalayak sejak kesuksesannya dalam penggarapan single Who That Be milik Rich Chigga.

Pada hari Kamis (05/01/2017) lalu, produser muda yang lebih terbiasa menggunakan bahasa inggris dalam kesehariannya ini menyempatkan diri untuk berbagi informasi mengenai dirinya bersama

Can you please introduce yourself and how did the name ‘Sihk’ came up as your nickname?

My real name is Ricky. I got the name sihk when I was Djing for Brian at hide n seek. I was sick and was wearing those sick masks that goes around your mouth. People kept asking if I was sick. I thought it sounded pretty cool. So I switched the c with an h. Fun fact if the h came after the k, it’s religion’s name lol.

How did you started in producing hiphop music?

I started when I met Brian. Before that I was into electronic music (still am). Literally I wouldn’t have made hip hop if Brian didn’t need a track to be done within a week.

In producing and composing the music, how did you usually get the idea and inspiration? What’s the first part that you usually make? Can you tell me your favourite tools, software or hardware lately?

I sit in front of my computer hours on end. There isn’t really an “idea” or “inspiration” at first. It’s all just a bunch of happy mistakes. First I usually try to come up with a melody on a regular piano synth. Then I move on to creating a sound, usually with serum or massive.

After that I just make a drum pattern, add 808s put some interesting percussion and basically create the hook part of the track. After a couple hours I would delete the project. Realize it sounds like total shit and repeat the process until I make something cool sounding. My favorite tool is FL studio, my favorite plugins are xfer Serum & Massive.

Is there any field in hiphop that you interested in doing beside music production?

I really want to make one track under the name young retard. Since I can’t write or rap. I’ll get one of my homies to ghost write a track about making out with your own sister or something along those lines. It’ll be the funniest shit ever. Although I would never make more than 1 track since it’ll just be a joke. Also, I’m going to make a podcast for Underground hip hop. Mostly American stuff but I will definitely include some dope Indonesian rappers too.

What is your resolution for 2017? Is there any artist that you’re working with this year? Any special projects maybe.

My new years resolution of 2017 is to not die like every other year. I’m collaborating with a dutch dj named Gianni Marino. We’ve started a couple tracks already. Some hip hop and some more towards the edm side of the music world.

What are the challenges that you found while producing music for Rich Chigga and Ariel Nayaka, compared to producing music for international rappers?

For Rich Chigga the major challenge was just that he’s picky with his sounds and that’s a good thing. Everything has to be exactly how he wants it and it’s really hard sometimes because we can’t exactly know what someone wants.

With A. Nayaka it wasn’t challenging at all. I wanted to make a grime track, he wanted to make a grime track. I made a grime beat, he layed down some dope vocals. Working with the US underground guys is the best. I can make the craziest beats and they can just hop on it like nothing.

How do you see the recogniton and success you got right now, after “Who That Be” went viral? Does that makeyou want to expand your skill more in hiphop/music production?

I don’t get any recognition, it’s literally one track and in hip hop, producers don’t get THAT much recognition anyway so it’s whatever. Yes I want to expand my skills more in hip hop but in the same time I’m just making more hip hop now because it’s somewhat easier and faster to make compared to electronic music.

A few months ago, indonesian hiphop had caught the public’s attention, some are good but most people still look more to the controversies and sensations. Some people think of it as a positive thing for the indonesian hip hop. What is your view on this? Is it really a good thing for the hip hop scene?

Contraversies and sensations are lame sauce. Just listen to the music for the music. Once you get too deep into who the artist is then you’re taste in music is skewed and distorted. It’s definitely not a positive thing for the Indonesian hip hop scene.

Any type of drama kills a scene from the inside, but in the same time there isn’t really a way to stop retards from acting like retards and getting on the news. Ya feel

In the music industry, is there any field you never do before and would like to be doing in the future?

I want to score music for hentai. I think if that ever happens. Well, that’s a sign I’m extremely successful in the music industry.

Beside music production, is there any activity or particular job that you do right now?

Nothing really. My days consists of waking up, working on music, contemplate about suicide and circle jerking with a bunch of communists in the forest.

Who is your favourite music producer? Is there anyone that really influenced you concerning the style or sounds?

My favorite producer ever is aphex twin just because he’s crazy as fuck. I like weird sounding stuff. So basically the genres IDM, hardstyle and bass scene influenced my sounds.

Can you tell me some songs that you listen to lately?

This might seem crazy but I’ve been listening to this composer/ producer named “In love with a ghost” A LOT and snail’s house/ ujinco. The stuff I listen to and the stuff I make has nothing related whatsoever.

After a big success you got from Who That Be, is there any future project that you will be doing with Rich Chigga?

I’m doing 1 more track for him. He had a lot of ideas he couldn’t describe so after who that be I taught him the basics of production on FL and told him to youtube the rest. Now he’s making his own beats.

If that never happened, Rich Chigga would be releasing music super slowly just because of that restraint he had of getting his ideas out there. You can be expecting some fire coming out very soon from him. He’s been locked in his bed room for a couple weeks now making beats!

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