Setelah Who That Be, Ini Dia Project Kolaborasi Terbaru Sihk dan Rich Chigga dengan Nicole Zefanya

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Semenjak namanya mulai diperbincangkan publik setelah Who That Be, kini Sihk kembali bekerja sama dengan Brian Imanuel (Rich Chigga) dalam penggarapan sebuah lagu. Akan tetapi, berbeda dengan projek sebelumnya, kali ini keduanya berperan sebagai produser dalam sebuah lagu bergenre RnB yang dilantunkan oleh penyanyi wanita yang juga baru saja menapaki kariernya di dunia musik, Nicole Zefanya. Nicole, atau yang biasa disapa Niki ini bernaung di bawah media company 88risings, bersama dengan Rich Chigga, Joji, dan Asian millenials lainnya. Pada hari Selasa (25/07/2017) lalu, Sihk berkesempatan untuk berbincang-bincang kembali dengan Simak wawancaranya dengan berikut ini!

How and when did you and Brian first meet Niki?

I was looking for singers to work with. Brian showed me Niki’s YouTube channel where she uploads covers. I thought she sounds dope, so I asked Brian to slip into her dms on Instagram for me.

When was See U Never  produced? How long did it take to produce it?

I don’t remember when we started on the track but it took longer then it should have.

Sihk | Source:

Sihk | Source:

How did you and Brian Imanuel get involved in this song?

First Niki made the rough draft of the song. At that time I was supposed to produce everything but Brian liked the song so much he decided to hop on and help produce it.

Where did the idea of this song come from?

Niki made this song about her ex so I guess that’s where it came from.

Sihk | Source:

Sihk | Source:

How was the process of producing See U Never? Did anyone else help you guys?

So basically, Niki composed a rough draft of the track (maybe 70% of the track was completed at that point). Brian then took the rough draft added some stuff to it then I came in changed and added a tiny bit to the track.

When it came to recording the track Brian already left to the US. So I had to record Niki and mix the track. Basically acted as the engineer for this track more than anything.

Shouts out to Gerald of KMKZ for mastering the track!

Was there any kind of trouble when producing this song, especially with Brian since he might be a bit busy with preparing for his concert in America?

There was no real trouble producing this song. The only issues we had was recording Niki. We basically re-recorded 3 times due to Niki being un-satisfied with her own voice. In the end I’m glad we recorded 3 times or it probably wouldn’t have turned out this good.

Rich Chigga at S.O.B.'s New York City | Source:

Rich Chigga at S.O.B.’s New York City | Source:

Can you tell me more about 88rising and how singers from around the world can be recruited to join this agency? Is there some kind of selection or something?

It’s on 88 because brian is involved and it’s a dope song. Not sure how you can get on 88 other than being referred by an artist who is already in 88.

Brian Imanuel-Nicole Zefanya | Source:

Brian Imanuel-Nicole Zefanya | Source:

Are there any other projects that you are currently or will be working on this year, especially those related to Brian?

I have no plans yet to work again with Brian, but I do have a lot of upcoming projects. I really can’t tell you more about my upcoming projects. Since I’m not really supposed to be talking about them. The only project I can tell you about is I have a track releasing august 31st Ramengvrl x A. Nayaka

What are the advantages and disadvantages in producing RnB songs if it is compared to producing rap songs?

I don’t know. It’s like almost the same. Although mixing the vocals is a lot harder for sure.

Whats your opinion on Indonesia nowadays? 

The weather is hot and the tolls are getting more expensive.

Sihk | Source:

Sihk | Source:

Sihk dan Rich Chigga | Source: Sihk | Source:

Sihk dan Rich Chigga | Source:




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