MacBee "A.P.P Mc" – Keep Calm,Don’t Panic!

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MacBee “A.P.P Mc” Performing : “Keep Calm,Don’t Panic!” (C) 2013 Plix-U Film

Produce By : Ilman Macbee
Music Composser : Ilman Macbee
Recording At: Plix-U Studio
Mixing & Mastering By : Ilman Macbee
Directed & Edited By : PLIX-U Film
Filming By : @Jeri_AppMc
Cast: @JackBacret86,

Lyrics :
they say i’m crazy
but i say,i’m sorry
cz my flow make you high,
kau bisa katakan…so sick damned baby…

i’m start with nothin
you stuck there,watch me growin
get…get me unbeaten
cz imma ready to be fallin…

keep calm,,don’t be panic
hear my sound,,,,super sonic
jangan iri bila memang ku lebih baik
darimu,,,silakan kau berbalik..

got me tricky,,slow down baby
crayoooooon…come here to your daddy
don’t so serious,this is party

keep calm…don’t be panic 2x
slowdown baby,,get it high
macbee on the mic
keep calm…don’t be panic 2x
yes i got what u want
macbee on the mic

macbee,it’s my name
everybody welcome to the game
i’m not you…
so basta getaway,don’t mess my crew

a boyfriends,,,hate me
cause their girl.they love me
imma hit you up.whatcu gonna do?
back go back home,you betta check dat hoe

hip hop still,on the mic god bless
yes i learn from the basic,to be the best
not for cash,not for get pussy
imma get busy,app mc

do you miss me?when i’m on the stage
so come here,listen on my track
you get it? fantastic
keep calm macbee on the mic
don’t panic

yes i’m unbreakable
you got any trouble?
come,lets battle
imma throw u back on the jungle

middle finger in the air for the haters
peace and love for the lovers
dance dance,,keep calm…
now we go back to the chorus n get it bump

tat trata tata taaa…
tat trata tata taaa taa
tat trata tata taaa…
tat trata tata taaa taa




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