Lazy P – Auction

i’m in a level that the furthest from the gravel
i baffled them cos i come hotter than the devil sperm
leave a fatal burn, not a dj but that’s how the table turn
i gotta stay sharp like a battle sword

build sand castle and i hassle david hasslehof
knock my hustle off, i gotta cut your vessel off
y’all some regulars, braggin’ like a wrestler
i don’t buy it you’ll never be in my catalogue

you tell more lies than diet snack nutrition fact
you’re mostly wack im fresher than the fruits in a grocery bag
nobody can hold me back, real ninjas in the building shinobi rap

i will never sell my 3x (soul)
i got everything i need tell satan go to hell now

verse 2:
i’m about the flow and fortune
until my pocket thicker than fat woman with four chins
i’m scorchin’ like a sting of a scorpion
im outside the box like an overused jordan

got fiend sniffin my note book their nose crook
cos i got some dope verse and some dope hook
take close look they lookin’ saltier than the food that your hoes cook
cos i even make them pro shook

i’m damn awesome , rock like dwayne johnson
my mind’s like your girl’s virginity cos i lost ’em
non sense i dont give a f*ck like nun since
i was four years old that was back in nine six


Verse 3:
sometime i spit wise , sometimes i rap insanely
what can i say i got more character than stan lee
i’m like a french movie with chinese subtitle
the bottom line is y’all can’t understand me

hand me the crown and i shit on your throne
murder these wack rappers and i spit on your bone
while your family mourn.

@ZeroOneInd , @Wmusicindo

Video Produced by PrinceFilms
Music Produced by @Mocharizma
twitter & IG: @lazyp_

Directed by Jovan Arvisco
D.O.P by Amdycal Siahaan
Camera Person by Yudojus
Edited by Jovan Arvisco

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